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The schools were born out of the need for quality education in Chitral plus Muzafar's zeal and extensive community consultation. Read more in the schools' own reports.

1999 school inaugurated in Booni, 2 classes and 57 students aged 6/7 in a small rented building. 1 new class joins at lowest age level annually.

2001 school moved into purpose built building with 7 rooms. 4 computers were funded by the British Council.

2002 following persistent requests from the community local donations enabled another school to be constructed in Parwak, 15km upstream of Booni.

2005/6 Star's Land Booni has 8 classes, 198 students and 13 rooms. Parwak has 6 classes and 6 rooms.

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It must be emphasised how unique Star’s Land schools are in the region.  Many schools have been established with a focus on making money (Star’s Land fees are one third of those in comparable local school) and have a narrow approach to education.  Other children receive a Quranic education in the mosque, while news agencies have reported that at both government and private schools in the area teachers have been using and renting out students as a manual work force during school hours.


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