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It is the input and donations from interested parties that makes Jam. One of the best ways to help is to spread the word to anyone and everyone who may be interested.

Donors will receive reports and pictures of progress and general school activities. Money is transferred directly to the schools' account with an absolutely minimal portion used to administer Jam.

Donate Online
Easiest, fastest way is to donate online. Payments are secure and safe with Paypal. Click on the logo to make your donation.

Send a Cheque
Cheques should be made out to Jam

And sent, with a note of your name and address, to:
Burnbank, Fore Road,
Kippen, Stirling, FK8 3DT

Collect sponsorships
All we need is your address and we'll send you sponsorship forms for any event you take part in.

Donate through your payroll
For the most tax possible to come to us make regular payments directly from your payroll, arranged simply through your employer.

It works like this:
Employee's Pledge to Charity (Gross)
Actual Cost to Employee @ 22% Tax
Actual Cost to Employee@ 40% Tax

Payroll Giving information

Use your own initiative
We are delighted for you to approach us with your own ideas for raising funds

Gap Year
If after doing some research on the area you think you might like to teach in upper Chitral for all or part of a gap year please contact us.

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