Jam - development in education

The development agenda in Chitral requires the empowerment of people to realise and pursue their own interests and opportunities. Jam's purpose is to provide extra funding and resources, expanding the effect and influence of indigenous institutions working for positive development. In schools people learn to diversify socially and economically; preparing them for the job market, and fostering community responsibility and organisation.

Donations are transferred directly to Star's Land's account with an absolutely minimal portion used to administer Jam.

Jam consists of the time and effort of people. Kathy, David, June, Nick, Sandy and the rest have put in huge efforts and it's thanks to them.


Douglas Waley

MA (hons.) - Politics and International Relations, specialising in development issues. 2 visits to Pakistan including 1 year's teaching, partly in Star's Land Booni.



Guy Pettifer

Guy Pettifer

Studying Politics and International Relations.







Rowan Lyon

Rowan LyonStudying Anthropology, including time researching in India .






Scott Woolley

Scott WoolleyStudying biochemistry.

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